Hand and Body Soap Scrubs

There are 4 different processes in which soap can be made : cold or hot processed, melt & pour and milled. Like many artisanal soap makers I prefer the cold process method and use this when making all of my soaps and soap scrubs. The method of cold processing soaps helps to protect the many wonderful plant benefits which occur naturally within the oils, butters and plant extracts I use. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its benefits and I take great care to preserve these throughout the soap making process. This helps to ensure that all of my soaps have a luxuriously creamy and rich lather, are effective, gentle and nourish the skin.
My soap scrubs are made using entirely natural and plant based ingredients and extracts from UK suppliers. Wherever possible these are also organic and fairly traded. I choose to source organic ingredients to respect nature, reduce the risk of environmental pollution, support the health of the world we live in and ensure sustainability.
No, all of my soaps are completely natural. I do not use any artificial ingredients. Soap does not require any additives or preservatives to remain stable. The stability of Cold Pressed soap comes from the lengthy cure time. I believe that with a bit of research many colours can be found in nature such as greys and blacks can come from charcoal, oranges and yellow from turmeric and pinks from pink clay and Himalayan salt. Many soap makers use artificial chemicals to bring colour, vibrancy and / or a shimmer to their soap. These soaps will often contain the mineral mica, which though naturally occurring it is often coloured using artificial chemicals and it is also exceptionally difficult to source ethically mined mica. All of the colours in my soaps come from plant, salt and clay based ingredients.
Every BombusLeaf soap scrub is handmade by me. I carefully select each ingredient mixing, blending and infusing raw ingredients to make a soap batter. Once each batter has reached trace I then hand pour the batter in to moulds which are left to set. Once set, I remove the soap scrub from its mould and start the process of cutting each by hand, as a result each soap scrub has a unique and individual look. Each one is then taken and stamped by hand with the BombusLeaf logo. From this point the soaps are placed on a drying rack where they are cured for a minimum of 5 weeks.
Though I do try my best to ensure I have stock available of all blends at all times occasionally there is a rush on one blend which may result in me being out of stock. Am I out of stock though? NO. Every single one of my soaps go through a curing process, this can take a minimum of 5 weeks and sometimes up to 8 weeks. So rarely, I do find myself out of soap that has completed its cure time and available to ship however will have soap that is mid way through the curing process. As soon as it has completed its curing process it will become available again to purchase on the website.

Beeswax Paper Wraps

Cling film is a plastic specially designed for single use. It may protect your sandwich from going dry but here in the U.K, approximately 1.2 billion meters of cling film is used EVERY YEAR, most of which goes to landfill where it slowly decomposes into micro plastic, tiny particles of plastic invisible to the eye, that are creating havoc in the ecosystems of our lands and seas. Carried in the winds these micro plastics have now sadly been found in the untouched parts of the Amazon and the deepest depths of our seas. BombusLeaf wraps are 100% natural made from grass, beeswax and a small amount of wood pulp. It will decompose in just a few months and will return to the earth as organic compost. We use minimal packaging, printed using vegetable based inks on to FSC accredited materials.
Paper wraps are more affordable and more convenient for todays busy lifestyle. They are perfect for school lunch boxes and food on the go. The large sheet size can be torn or cut to your required size, creating less waste. Frequently fabric wraps will need refreshing which can be messy and time consuming. Once your paper wraps have been used, simply pop in to your home compost bin or use as a fire lighter in BBQ's, log burners and open fires. Friendly to the environment, BombusLeaf paper wraps are made from only meadow grass (grown without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers), wood pulp and the wax harvested from wild-bees.

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