Hand and Body Soap Scrubs

All BombusLeaf Hand and Body Soap Scrubs are handcrafted by myself using the cold process method. In using this technique I aim to preserve many of the precious and beneficial plant extracts that I use in each and every blend.

Each blend is carefully formulated, trialled and tested to ensure a balanced soap that effectively cleanses but importantly does not strip the skin ensuring that after use your hands and body feel clean and nourished. This can and often does take many trials until I am completely happy with the perfect Soap Scrub.

I use 100% natural, organic, sustainable, and fairly traded butters, clays and essential oils infused with plant based, botanical ingredients that gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

All of the aroma in my soaps comes from the pure, organically grown essential oils and botanicals that I use in my blends. These delicate oils are at their most fragrant during warm days and when used with warm / hot water.

After each soap is poured into a mould it is left for up to 48 hours before being removed from their moulds and hand cut into individual bars. After being cut I inspect every soap, each being given the BombusLeaf stamp of approval before being left to cure for a minimum of 5 weeks, after which they are checked again and are available to purchase.

All of my Hand and Body Soap Scrubs are suitable for use as everyday hand soap or taken into the bath or shower for an all over gently exfoliating body scrub.

All of my Soap Scrubs are free from SLS, Parabens, Palm Oil, Artificial Colours, Fragrances, Additives, Fixatives and Micas. They are all cruelty free and contain no plastic micro beads.
100% vegetarian / vegan friendly.

A note on plastics

Plastic pollution is a huge and mounting issue that needs to be addressed by everyone. Our seas, oceans and lands are precious, as are the plants and animals that depend on them to live, breed and survive. It is a core belief that I do not use plastic in or to wrap my products. This includes not using plastic micro beads in any of my Soap Scrubs, instead I use plant based ingredients that have a similar action on the skin however they are non toxic and simply breakdown into their natural organic matter after use.

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