Beeswax Paper Wraps

What are BombusLeaf Wraps?

BombusLeaf wraps are a grass based unbleached paper made from grass, beeswax and wood pulp. They are 100% natural, renewable, responsibly sourced and contain zero plastic. They can safely be used in replacement of plastic food bags, cling film and foil to wrap or cover food such as; bread, cheese, fish, fruit, meat and sandwiches as well as many other ingredients, raw and prepared foods.

A large sheet size (50cm x 37.5cm), ensures you are able to cover even your largest platters and serving bowls. The sheets can be easily cut or torn to fit the size you need – reducing waste and the need to purchase multiple sizes.

Each sheet is impregnated with beeswax; naturally hydrophobic it helps to create a microclimate within the wrapping stabilising the moisture content and can help to prevent food from drying out. Beeswax is also very well documented by the scientific community for its antimicrobial properties against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger.

Why should I use BombusLeaf Wraps?

Cling film is a plastic specially designed for single use. It may protect your sandwich from going dry but here in the U.K, approximately 1.2 billion meters of cling film is used EVERY YEAR, most of which goes to landfill where it slowly decomposes into micro plastic, tiny particles of plastic invisible to the eye, that are creating havoc in the ecosystems of our lands and seas. Carried in the winds these micro plastics have now sadly been found in the untouched parts of the Amazon and the deepest depths of our seas.

BombusLeaf wraps are 100% natural made from grass, beeswax and a small amount of wood pulp. It will decompose in just a few months and will return to the earth as organic compost. We use minimal packaging, printed using vegetable based inks on to FSC accredited materials.

How should I dispose of BombusLeaf Wraps?

Once used, the paper will quickly break down under home compostable conditions. Alternatively you may wish to us it as a fire lighter for barbecues, wood burners or a home range.

How should I use BombusLeaf Wraps?

Tear or cut the sheet to the required size and follow the instructions below.

To cover: cover the food folding the edges over the edge of the bowl. Hold the edge of the fold in place for a few seconds to warm and soften the beeswax. Once you remove your hands the beeswax will harden and keep its shape

To wrap: place the item in the middle of the paper and neatly fold the paper into the middle ensuring all of the food is covered. To fix, simply hold in place for a few seconds. The heat from your hands will soften the beeswax which will harden and keep its shape.

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