Ceramic Soap Dish Pink


Ceramic soap dish inspired by nature and made by hand

Inspired by Nature these handmade ceramic soap dishes represent the tumbled pebbles found on a beach in Brighton. Each soap dish is unique in its size and shape just like that of the pebbles found on a beach, no two are identical.

These soap dishes are handmade and carefully glazed in a pink and white speckled glaze by the creative team at the Workbridge ceramic studio in Northamptonshire. Each dish has four feet which lift the dish from the surface of the work top or sink which allows any excess water to quickly drain from the holes in the bottom of the dish. Enabling your BomusLeaf soap to dry between uses will significantly extend the life of your soap. Every soap dish is signed with the initials of the person that made it, which can be found on the bottom of one of the feet.

Workbridge is a charity with a difference. Enabling those with autism, learning difficulties, mental illness or brain injuries to learn both vocational and life skills whilst also boosting their confidence.

Please be aware your soap dish may vary to that in the image as each dish is unique both in shape, size and colouration. If you would like to choose a specific dish please contact me and I will happily send you an image of all the dishes I have in your preferred colour, for you to choose.


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