Ceramic Lace Soap Dish


Ceramic soap dish inspired by pebbles and fine intricate lace work, created by hand

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These beautiful ceramic soap dishes are inspired by pebbles and handmade by the artisans at the Workbridge Community. A vocational pathway to support people with autism, brain injuries or learning difficulties and mental health illness. It provides a safe space giving people the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and build confidence.

These dishes are glazed in white helping to bring the hand pressed lace pattern to life. The dishes have a number of small holes in their centre and are elevated by 4 small feet, all of which helps to drain any excess water away from the soap, helping them to dry out between use and lengthening the life of your soap(s).

Each dish is unique, both the natural form and lace pattern will vary slightly from the images shown. For more information on the exact shapes and lace patination we have available please contact us directly via the contact form.

Handmade in the UK