Ceramic Soap Dish Blue


Handmade white and blue speckled soap dish

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These white and blue speckled ceramic soap dishes are inspired by nature and the fluid curves of a tumbled pebble.

Each ceramic soap dish is unique, carefully hand sculpted and glazed with a white and blue speckle by the talented people at Workbridge. Each dish has four feet to lift the dish off the surface it is to be placed on allowing excess water to drain away, lengthening the life of your BombusLeaf soap or soap scrub. Every piece is proudly inscribed with its makers initials, which can be found on the bottom of one of the feet.

Please be aware your soap dish may vary to that in the image as each dish is unique both in shape, size and colouration. If you would like to choose a specific dish please contact me and I will happily send you an image of all the dishes I have available for you to choose.





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