Sage and Palo Santo gift set


The perfect gift set for those who enjoy meditation and creating a serene atmosphere in their home

The Sage wand also know as ‘Holy Wood’ and Palo Santo combination offers a powerful and holistic approach to cleansing your space and promoting positive energy.

The Sage wand, used for smudging, has long been revered for its purifying properties, clearing away negative energies and creating a serene atmosphere.

Once your space is cleansed, Palo Santo comes into play, infusing the surroundings with a sweet, uplifting aroma while continuing the purification process. Its sacred smoke is believed to enhance creativity, bring clarity, and invite positive energies, making it an ideal companion after smudging.

Together, they create a harmonious environment, fostering peace and tranquility in both your home and mind.

This gift set is hand bound with delicate ribbon with a handmade embossed ceramic decoration

Use with care:

Never leave burning or smouldering Sage or Palo Santo unattended. For use by adults only. Do not place on a polished or painted surface. Only for use on a flat, flame and heat proof surface. Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable materials.


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